At Boardspace our vision is simple: we want the not-for-profit sector to benefit from the best senior and board-level appointments and to encourage the public and private sector to share their expertise and develop their skills with close collaboration with the not-for-profit sector.

Through our vision, our ambition is to provide exceptional client services to anyone who has contact with us and each time we commitment our service to our not-for-profit clients. We will breath our vision and values through openness, honesty, equality, clear communications and a promise to deliver against our commitments.

To offer a personal experience

We believe that a recruitment consultancy is only as good as the consultants who work on an assignment, and we believe that a client must always receive the best possible service we can provide. It is therefore we, the principals, who are the consultants, and it is we who manage each assignment from start to finish. You can be confident that we will remain personally committed and actively involved throughout the life of each assignment – and beyond.

To build a long-term relationship

Our aim is to establish long-term relationships with the people and the organisations who we work with. This informs our whole approach to recruitment. We devote as much time as possible to understanding our clients: their objectives, priorities, philosophy, culture, personalities and ‘chemistry’. This means we are able to establish which candidates are most likely to fit best within the organisations we work for; it also means that we are in a position to anticipate our clients’ future needs and not simply meet them as and when they arise.

To listen to your needs

We commit ourselves thoroughly to each assignment but we are not ‘assignment-led’. Our priority always remains the client. We see each assignment within the context of the organisation as a whole. We will never be tempted to propose expedient, one-off solutions that will not stand the test of time. We involve and consult with the client at every stage, and we are – and remain – client-led throughout the recruitment process.

To provide a tailored approach

We do not come to you with all the answers! We will not provide ‘off-the-peg’ solutions. We have a wealth of experience and a range of methodologies available to us but we come to each assignment afresh. Our guiding principle is First we listen! We believe that only by asking well-directed questions and helping the client to clarify the answers can we shape a successful recruitment campaign and provide you with the solution you need.

To evaluate our work

We never forget that that it is you, the client, who makes the appointment. Our mission is to do everything in our power to assist you. We not only work for you; we work with you. When you have made the right appointment, our job is done. However, we keep in touch to ensure you remain pleased with the outcome and to keep abreast of any developments within your organisation – not least because we want to be able to help you with your next appointment!

To ensure value-for-money

We provide a professional service and we charge professional fees. However, our flexible approach and low overheads mean that our fees are generally very competitive. We will always be happy to advise clients which routes or fee structures are likely to be most appropriate when recruiting for a particular position. (This can be especially important when making Non Executive Director appointments where the position may be pro bono or remuneration may be modest.)